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NK Hydrating Lip Glow Oil - The Lip Specialist

NK Hydrating Lip Glow Oil - The Lip Specialist

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About this item

  • NK Hydrating Lip Glow Oil: This Lip Glow Oil is rich in cherry seed oil, which has a high-efficiency moisturizing effect, deeply nourishes the lips, effectively improves chapped lips, peeling problems, makes your lips elastic and moisturizes the lips.
  • Long-lasting and Non-sticky: Made of all natural ingredients, the texture is dry and transparent, non-greasy, non-sticky, the Lip Glow Oil is fast-coloring and you don't have to worry about frequent touch ups! Recommended Use with lip balm.
  • Available all year round: This is a special crystal clear, natural and transparent lip balm. After coloring, it will make your lips particularly shiny and keep them in the best condition at all times.
  • Improve lips: You no longer have to worry about your lips dry skin! Long-term application will help improve the condition of your lip and gradually make your lips appear plump and glossy. Long-term use can improve the color of your lips!
  • Deep protection: The skin of the lips is particularly sensitive and can perceive changes to the outside world. Our lip gloss oil fills lip lines in a light way, deeply moisturizing, and forms a protective oil film on the surface after application. 

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Ethyl pamitate, hydrogenated polyisobutylene, hydrogenated (styrene/isoprene) copolymer, Dimethylsilylated silica, phenoxyethanol, polyisobutylene, C142090, C147005, C145410 


Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

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